Lets off-road!

August 2, 2016 0

When you think of getting an adrenaline buzz from motoring it’s usually all about the speed. Hanging onto a car as it teeters on the […]

Suzuki Ignis Sport

July 18, 2016 0

Among the myriad of sports cars that are produced it is easy for some to be overlooked. Perhaps they are produced by a manufacturer with […]

Motorsport in your Road Car

March 14, 2018 0

Looking at the world of motorsport, you can’t help but be blinded by the money involved. Even club level Motorsport can be perilous to your […]

mg zr rally car abingdon carnival

Competition car: Build or Buy?

November 14, 2016 0

So you’ve made the decision to start competing in motorsport.  Having spent your hard earned cash on all the personal safety equipment, the next major step […]

Racing Puma Cadwell Park

Cadwell Park Trackday Trophy

October 24, 2016 0

After my Cadwell Park trackday I had a two month wait until the race. Fortunately the time passed quickly (it always does when you’re trying […]